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5 Things to Know About Canned Wine

#1– Why put wine in a can?

There are a LOT of advantages for canned wine!  Here are a few:

Convenience– Cans are lightweight and unbreakable.  This makes them perfect for activities such as hiking or going to the pool.  Also, you don’t need to bring a corkscrew!

Environmental– Can are made of 70% recycled material, the most of any type of package.  Cans are also much lighter weight than glass, which reduces their carbon footprint.  Additionally, they are perfect for online sales and shipping, as cans require less packaging material.

Amount of wine– The smaller package size of a can makes it better for individual consumption.  This results in less wasted wine, and reduces the impulse to overindulge in order to “finish the bottle!”  In a group setting, it allows one person to drink wine, while others choose beer, cider, etc.

Hikers High Five

#2- Is canned wine good?

Similar to bottled wine, the quality of canned wine is dependent on the quality of the grapes.  The can itself does an excellent job preserving freshness, and avoids any possibility of off-flavors that are sometimes found in corked wine.  With canned wine becoming even more popular, we are starting to see high-quality wine being packaged in cans.

#3- How about storing and aging canned wine?  When does it expire?

Unlike some bottled wine, canned wine is not intended to be aged for extended periods of time.  It is ready to drink when you get it.  Canned wine will stay good, however, for at least a year.  We recommend storing in the fridge, or in a cool, dry place.

#4- How do I drink canned wine?  How many glasses per can?

There are no rules on how to drink canned wine!  Many people will drink directly from the can.  You can also pour it into a glass, similar to any other wine.  Most canned wines are 375ml, which is exactly ½ a regular bottle of wine.  There are approximately 2 glasses of wine per 375ml can.

Temperature Controlled Storage_1

#5- What is the cost? Where can I find it?

Most canned wines are $5 – $7 per can.  This translates to a bottle cost of $10 – $14.  Most grocery stores are starting to offer canned wine in the wine/beer department.  You can also purchase from our online store.

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