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Jasper Winery was started by Jean and Paul Groben.  Being avid gardeners and enjoying all aspects of “the good life,” they first planted grape vines in the year 2000.  The original winery operated in a renovated warehouse building near downtown Newton.  A small tasting room was added to allow visitors to come and sample the wines.

In 2003, their son, Mason, graduated from the University of California, Davis, with a degree in viticulture and enology (grape growing and wine science).   He returned to assist with the family business, and helped establish a reputation for producing excellent quality wine.   The winery received positive reviews in The New York Times and Wine Spectator.

The New York Times article.  2006.
In 2007, it became apparent that the winery had outgrown the Newton location and needed to expand into a larger building.  The Groben family was intrigued by the recent resurgence of downtown Des Moines, and located a property near Grays Lake and began construction of the current winery.  The new winery opened in the summer of 2009.
Jasper Winery in 2009
All wine production now takes place at the Des Moines location.  Additionally, the winery event space is used for weddings, corporate meetings, and a variety of other gatherings.  The Thursday live music series began in 2010, and has become a popular showcase of local and regional bands.  The winery remains involved as possible in the community, sponsoring various festivals and organizations.
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